About SCL

Welcome to Simple Church Letters. With the growing number of conversations I've had with church and non-church going people wanting to know more about different church models, I wanted to create a space to share what I've learned and continue to walk through in regards to the way we "do" church. Here are a few reasons behind creating the SCL blog. 

  • To share with the many people who are disillusioned with the (mainly) one model of church that we currently have in NZ (and are exporting overseas).
  • A conviction that I must share with interested people the truths that we are learning at Waikanae Cafe Church.
  • A conviction that simple/organic churches can easily be multiplied and can reach people who have been turned off traditional church.
  • A new understanding of the New Testament example of the effectiveness of small, participatory, autonomous churches.
  • My belief that every local church should enjoy the freedom to be a unique expression of Jesus to the world.

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