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I (Jack) have been in full time Christian pastoral ministry for a good many years - not far off 50 if my so-called retirement years are counted. Nearly three of these years were spent serving in Indonesia, plus regular visits to minister in Asian nations when, for a few years, I was the NZ Apostolic Church Missions Director.
I was born in Wellington (NZ) in 1933. At about 20 years of age I had a dramatic encounter with God followed by a changed life which included spending three years (1957-59) studying at the Hamilton Bible Training Centre. In December 1957 Averil and I married and in 1960 were sent by our church Council to pastor a church in New Plymouth. Over subsequent years we pastored churches in various towns in NZ. In 1994 we returned from Indonesia to pastor a church on the NZ Army Military Camp at Waiouru. Then, at the beginning of 1998, we left Waiouru and moved to Waikanae. We didn’t move there to pastor a church but to focus on our itinerant ministry in NZ, and our regular visits to Asia. The pastor of the Waikanae church we began to attend invited me to be an elder, and this is still my role today. However in 2004 things were about to change – dramatically.
For  my wife and I the turnaround from the way we had been used to doing church for 50+ years was difficult to say the least. (You can read more of what happened to our church by reading on the blog, “How we got Started”). Walking home from church, questions would haunt us like, "Are we deserting our faith?", "Is it right that we haven’t had a sermon for so many weeks?", "Is it wrong to be part of this dramatic change that is happening?", "Have we gone off the rails?", as a couple of people whispered. (Actually, after some time we decided yes, we had!) Now in 2012 we are convinced that we must share the story of our on-going journey.

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