Friday, October 18, 2013

Instalment 2 of Kayla's Story

My last Simple Church Letter was the story of our 15 year old granddaughter and her "Jesus at School" (JAS) activity. And I've never had so many heart-felt responses to a SC Letter. So, I'm sending instalment No 2. I didn't ask Kayla for this next email, but as you will see, her enthusiasm for Jesus just overflows.

I must admit that I'm not a fan for praying the so-called sinners' prayer. But I cannot deny that the Holy Spirit is at work through Kayla's God-given desire to see her school mates won to Jesus, and to assist them experience God. In a situation like this, I can leave the results of Kayla's ministry with the God who is so much greater than any of my reserves.


So crazy things have been happening in my school since my last email.

This school term started last week on a Tuesday, which meant JAS group was on
the first day. About 7 people showed up and I introduced something new. I
made a 'prayer request box'. Many requests went in that day and we prayed
over them together. Me and my friend explained how prayer is so powerful and
I used Jasmine (my cousin) as an example - how she use to be a wild child yet nan and pop never gave up on praying to God about her. I shared about how she now loves God and her life was forever changed only few years ago due to nan and pop never giving up on prayer. Anyway, during the week me and my friend would pray and believe for these requests to be in Gods hands. We have this
box in every week.

My friend and I decided we want to fast every Monday for JAS group. So
yesterday we fasted from when we woke up till we got home from school.
During recess we handed out invitation cards to JAS group and at lunch we
prayed for our school and the for the prayer requests. Also my Muslim friend
prayed for her English to get better! She didn't really know why we were
fasting and drinking water. She said you're not allowed to do that during
Ramadan! We explained to her that it's about leaving the distractions and
instead of feeding your self with food we are fed with the Spirit of God by
praying, reading the bible and trusting in God.

WELL, today was the second JAS group of the new term. And woah can I tell
you I am excited to write this paragraph! Ok, so as soon as I walked in the
room today and set up everything a guy that put a request in about his
physically and emotionally unwell dad said to me "My dad is now HEALED, so
thank you so much"!! I told him, the requests were in Gods hands and the
glory is to his name!

NOW: today around 30 people showed up!! I was speaking on the 'Broken being
Chosen'. As I did the alter call  I said, "If you are broken right now or
feel life is so dark and you think there is no hope and you want to live for
God who gives you a HOPE and LOVES you endlessly and you want to be
forgiven, put your hand up". To my amazement 20 HANDS WERE RAISED! 1 of
those hands was my Muslim friend!! They repeated the prayer after me and I
told them what this prayer and decision meant and they were over the moon!
Me and my Muslim friend prayed together again because she wanted to. She
wanted me to pray that she could live like Jesus Christ. How he was
forgiving yet didn't need to forgive. Loving yet was unloved etc. She said
she wants to pray with me everyday about this.

It's so crazy how this group has worked out. To my amazement the people that
show up open my eyes. Like from the beginning this girl has come. She is
pretty much a bully. I can see the insecurities in her life though. She says
that this group makes her so happy. I think that her attendance reminds her
of the LOVE Jesus had towards those who were cruel to him! She is one of the
many who raised her hand today.

Also the guy who wrote the request about his dad. Many people don't like him
because he is also a bully. He has come since the start and he is also one
out of the many who raised his hand today.

I'm really in awe of what God is doing in my school. One thing I am proud of
is that, although it took a lot of effort to start this group - look at what
Jesus is reaping now. This is the least I could for him because he never
gave up on me.

I can't encourage people enough to gather to share the gospel and their
testimonies because this is how salvation starts. I really believe that from trusting in God that history won't repeat itself; that the generations to come will rise up and praise God. That people won't be fending for themselves but will have love and compassion toward one another. And this really starts with one person!

Much love, Kayla
Daughter of the most high KING

Did you pick up Kayla's faith, her boldness, her dedication, (fasting, praying, encouraging, challenging, accepting - bullies, and a Muslim girl), her enthusiasm. In the words of Jesus, "You go now and do the same."  Lu. 10:37.

Your comments, and/or opinions are most welcome.
You may forward this to anyone you choose.

Waikanae, New Zealand

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