Wednesday, June 5, 2013


...going back to the 'less' in order to experience God's 'more'...

One of Winston Churchill's famous speeches was given at a school. He stood before the excited, expectant kids and they heard the first words from the gravelly voice of their Prime Minister. "Never give up!" He then repeated, "Never give up!" and again and again stating with more and more conviction, the same powerful phrase. He then sat down. Not much of a speech, but never forgotten. A case of 'less is more'.

Here's an insightful quote sent to me by a friend in USA. When I read it it struck me with some force. I believe it sums up in its short 20 words (again, less is more) the heart, purpose and passion of God for his Church today. What do you think?

"The Lord started his church the way he wanted it -

and now wants his church the way he started it!"

Other questions: If this is true, what should be our response? Shouldn't our heart, purpose and passion be in line with God's? What can we do, in relation to Christ's Church to see God's will being done on earth as it is in heaven? Is it enough to remain passive, apathetic and to stand idly by when the Western Church is light years away from the spirit and power of the Church that he started? Any answers?

Because less is more - that's it - though you can read it again!



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