Tuesday, June 18, 2013



A modern parable

With much enthusiasm I joined this non-church volunteer organisation. Its goals and ideals attracted me and the sense of freedom to contribute with ones own ideas appealed. I believed I could add value to this group. There was somewhat of a lack of equipment and organisation, but a freedom as we all happily made our sacrifices for the greater good of the cause we had embraced. 

Slowly and imperceptibly things began to change. More equipment (trappings?) was added, more control was imposed, restrictions were slowly fencing us in. The fires of enthusiasm were being quenched by these wet blanket additions. The sense of freedom we had enjoyed was dying. Disenchanted folk began to leave.

I remember approaching the leaders with what I considered an insight that could be the basis of a profitable discussion. Not so! "You can't buck the party line," I was told in a dictatorial manner. It seemed that the commendable purpose of the organisation was lost behind a fog of inflexible rules. And other unrelated programmes were being added, demanding our time and talents.

I "hung in there" hoping for better things. But an unhealthy resentment was simmering inside of me. A conflict between staying faithful ("we need you") and resigning was disturbing me. I still believed in the name the organisation boasted, but not the fossilised function. To quote my friend Rex Meehan, "I wasn't melting the iceberg, it was freezing me!" What should I do? 

The two web sites that I recommend today are both Australian-based, compiled by two very special friends and colleagues. These sites are chock full of helpful resources many of which are 'required reading' for devoted Christ-followers. www.oikos.org.au (follow the links to the OIKOS Blog) and www.yourkingdomcomeyes.com
You are free to forward this letter.

Jack Guerin
Waikanae, NZ


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