Sunday, June 2, 2013


Let's hear what world leaders are saying...

How would you like to have Felicity and Tony Dale, Wolfgang Simson, Neil Cole, Tony Fitzgerald, David Watson, Tom Snyder, James Rutz, John White plus a whole bunch of other experienced Simple Church practitioners, researchers and teachers sitting in your lounge? How would you like to hear their inspired insights, their well researched and exciting facts from around the world, their personal stories plus their collective God-given wisdom? If your answer is 'yes', then here's how it can happen (and it's free!). Simply click on to:

The outline of what they have to say comes under these headings.....

  • Real community. "The human heart is created for relationship..."
  • Everyone's involved. "Not once a week listening to one person..."
  • Rapidly reproducible. "The more simple, the easier reproducible..."
  • Liquid Church. "Permeates every area of life..."
  • Leadership. "So, so, so different and non-hierarchical too!..."
  • Money. "A church that did cost $1 mill. annually to maintain, now plans to annually give that much away."
  • Unity in Diversity. "Not divided into C of E, R. C., Baptist, AOG, Presbyterian or other simple churches."

While the examples include Asia and Africa, the main focus is on America which gives a lie to the statement, "It (simple churches) can't multiply and function in the Western world."

The only cost is 29 minutes of your time. Actually, I'd call it an investment for both new and seasoned simple church folk. There may not be much happening in your corner of God's work. But your passion will be renewed as you see and learn from this bigger, 'tidal-wave' picture!

Praying for the wave to powerfully impact New Zealand and beyond...


  1. Your blog is an encouragement and your personal story is powerful.

    Thank you for encouraging people view "Tidal Wave." It's been a blessing to see how effective it has been here in the States and in other parts of the world too. (It was produced by our son, Tim, and so it's a blessing to hear the stories of how God is using it.)

  2. Thanks for your comment Felicity. Appreciate that. We remember with gratitude your visit to New Zealand with Tony.