Friday, May 24, 2013


Well, here it is.......(up to you to interpret for your situation!)
  • Some churches meet in homes
  • Other churches meet in pubs
  • Other churches meet in cafes
  • Some churches meet on Sundays
  • Other churches meet on the day or night that suits them
  • Other churches don't have any regular time or place to meet
  • Some churches have a bank account (like a food bank - what comes in, goes out!)
  • Other churches don't have a bank account (collect money as needs arise)
  • Other churches do both (a bank account, and need-focused giving
  • Some churches have only male leaders
  • Other churches have female and male leaders
  • Other churches don't have any identifiable leaders
  • Some churches have a song leader, others don't have a specific song leader
  • Some churches have a regular meal associated with communion, others don't
  • Some churches cater for children, others don't
  • Some churches have a connection to a denomination, most churches don't
  • Some churches are part of a formal/informal network, most aren't
  • Some churches are 'missional' and seeing regular conversions, most (sadly) aren't
  • Some churches are heavily involved with their communities others are not
  • Some churches (most I expect) have no set programme to follow. See, 1 Cor. 14:26
  • Other churches loosely follow a programme
  • Some churches are large, others are small, just two or three. (Matt.18:20)
  • Most churches have no interest in owning or renting a building
  • Most churches don't have any paid staff
  • Most churches believe in the Eph. 4:11 ministries and involve them in various ways.
So, there you have it! What I'm saying is, that you are free to meet as and when you choose, governed only by the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the
Word of God.
You are free to forward this ‘letter’ to interested folk.
And you are free to include your comments which will be acknowledged

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